Running Gear and Tools

Running Gear:

SMS manufactures and stocks MWD Running Gear including rope sockets, spacer bars, weight bars, spang Jars, etc.. We also have alignment wrenches, knockout bars and other tooling necessary on the rig site or in the shop. To see the complete product line, see below.

Cross Over 1 1/4-8" UN Box
by 1 1/4"-8 UN Box

Cross Over 1 1/4"-8 UN Box
by 1 1/4"-12 UN Pin

Cross Over 1-1/4"-8 UN Box
by 3/4" SR Pin

Cross Over 1-1/4"-8 UNR Box

Slickline Ropesocket

On-Off Latch

J-Latch Retrieval

Compression Spring- R-Type Overshot (Bulldog)

Lifting Clevis with Shackle 1-1/4"-8 UN

Aluminum Extension Bar

Spang Jar

5' Steel Weight Bar

Tools Section:

SMS carries all the handling tools, testing tools, and hand tools required to run MWD. We can also make custom tool for your fleet. If you don’t see what you need, give us a call today!

Tensor Lifting Bail with Sling

2' Wire Rope Sling

Spanner Wrench with Welded Double Handle

Spanner Wrench with
Threaded Double Handle

Spanner Wrench with
Welded Single Handle

Open Top Retrieval Tool
(Surface Only)

Open Top Retrieval Tool

Muleshoe Wear Cuff Go/
No-Go Gauge

Muleshoe Sleeve Puller

Muleshoe Orientation Bar

Muleshoe Knock Out Bar

12" Aluminum Jack Stand

Aluminum Poppet Protector

Barrel Wrench/Friction Tong


Break-Out Box