MWD Parts

At SMS Precision Tech, you’ll find all the machined parts, large and small, that you need to keep your MWD operation up and running at peak efficiency.  We offer a variety of materials including:  Nitronic 50, Beryllium Copper, SMS-167 (proprietary material), Brass, 17-4 Stainless Steel and more.   All parts are precision-manufactured to the highest standards with 100% American made material to ensure that our customers continue to get what they have come to expect from us: high quality, consistent support, and excellent value.

Pulser Helix

Pulser Helix- Split Locking Crown Top


Pulser Helix- Flat Top

Pulser Helix- Split Locking Flat Top

Signal Valve Shaft

Signal Valve Shaft 1.400" Stop

MWD Washer BeCu

Abrasion Ring

Main Lower End Compression Spring

3" Poppet Housing- Standard Hole

3" Poppet Housing- Small Hole


Internal Ram Stop


Interconnect Housing BeCu

4 Poly Pak Piston Cap Stainless Steel

2 Poly Pak Piston Cap Stainless Steel

Poppet Bolt- Hex Stainless Steel

Poppet Bolt- Square Stainless Steel

Threaded Ring SMS-167

Interconnect Shaft Integrated

Interconnect Shaft Long BeCu

Interconnect Shaft Short

Split Rings BeCu

Helix Split Locking Rings BeCu

Split Shell Set BeCu

Intermodule End- Battery BeCu

Intermodule End- Gamma BeCu

Intermodule End- No Hole BeCu

Bow Spring Collar-

Four Blade


Bow Spring Collar- Centralizer Blade

Bow Spring Collar- Compression Spring

Male Thread Protector for Interconnect Housing
Black Anodized Aluminum


Male Thread Protector for Interconnect Housing

Female Thread Protector for Intermodule / Threaded Ring
Black Anodized Aluminum

Spearpoint (Standard)

Top Shaft for Spearpoint BeCu

Integrated Spearpoint

Battery Vent Plug- Slotted

Battery Vent Plug- Hex Head

45 Degree Bottom Bulkhead Retainer BeCu

90 Degree Bottom Bulkhead Retainer BeCu