Kit Boxes

Protect your valuable MWD tools by shipping them in a rugged, customized SMS Kitbox.  We offer aluminum kit boxes in a multiple of sizes and the ability configure as needed.  For instance:

  • Need more storage? We have three depths of gun racks to choose from!
  • Need tool boxes or muleshoe racks? We can do that!
  • Need a door for easy access to the heavy tools? We can do that!
  • Need a smaller, transit box just for a toolstring? We can do that!

Here are a few ways we can customize your kit box:

  • Dimensions – 108” x 46”, 108” x 36”, 96” x 46”, 96” x 36”, as well as custom sizes
  • Safety Latches
  • Muleshoe Racks
  • Tool Box
  • Tool Box Shelf
  • Rubber Mats
  • Gun Racks – 4”, 6”, and 8” depths available